No time for shopping and need something to freshen up your wardrobe? 

Discover our Styling and Shopping service, crafted to remove dressing distress and simplify your everyday life.

Enjoy a whole new look effortlessly delivered to your door.

Our stylist team, attuned to your unique taste, budget, and style, are on hand to mastermind stunning looks for any occasion and enhance your fashion game. We elevate your fashion game by blending cherished classics with modern pieces, matching your aspirations - be it relaxed chic or upscale allure. Just like our themes of shopping: Daily, Athleisure, Resort, Business, and Evening.

More than just styling, we offer exclusive shopping assistance, linking you to select boutiques and online destinations. Looking for the perfect pair of shoes or a statement item to elevate your ensemble? Or a whole look for an event? Allow us to make your shopping efficient and enjoyable.

You can choose local Vietnamese designers or any brands overseas. With our close ties with France, you can especially shop for any French designers at your fingertip, we handle the logistics.

Don’t wait—embrace a stylish, effortless life easily through Galerie Mode Styling and Shopping services. Begin your easy, effortless styling adventure by reaching out for a consultation today!


Save time, eliminate style mishaps, and step out each day with renewed confidence.
Say goodbye to fashion faux pas and hello to lasting impressions and praise.

1. Getting to know and Consultation

It all starts with a personalized consultation, either in-person, virtually, or through a detailed questionnaire. We'll delve into your style preferences (classic, edgy, bohemian etc.), body type, budget, and lifestyle needs.

Come in our Galerie Mode space in HCMC or contact us here via Zalo / Whatsapp

Let us know the budget, occasion and time you would need the look for.

2. Curation and matching: 1-2 days

Our outfit curation and matching service takes the guesswork out of fashion, bringing the world's best styles directly to you, all tailored to your unique budget and preferences.

Based on your profile, our stylists handpick pieces from our curated collections or other designers. You can also give us photos of the style/items that you would like to have.

We curate a diverse selection of clothing and accessories from both established international brands and hidden domestic gems, ensuring quality and a cohesive look. Regarding brands based in France, there’s no extra charge – you just need to pay for your clothes.

We go beyond single pieces. We create complete looks, suggesting complementary tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories, according to the budget, occasion and time that you have provided us.

3. Preview & Approval: 1-3 days

We present your personalized selections through messages with photos, links, details and pricing of each piece. We also match the best seasonal offers for you with your favorite designers.

Feel free to provide feedback and request adjustments within the 3-day timeframe – maybe you prefer a different color or a more relaxed silhouette. We'll refine the selection based on your preferences.

4. Get your curations

Your curated looks will be carefully packaged. Based on brands and location, delivery fee and time may vary.

*Free collection at Galerie Mode space in HCMC.

*Shipped directly to your doorstep with Grab & other delivery services.


1. Is looking for a personalized shopping experience that caters to one's unique style

2. Want to elevate the wardrobe but don't have the time

3. Need expert advice in putting together cohesive outfits for the right occasions


One-time service

$260.00 / time

Annual, billed monthly

$195.00 / month

Annual, paid one time

$1,195.00 / year


Our wardrobe rebuild service is here to refresh your look!

Together, we'll declutter your current wardrobe and curate a collection that reflects your personal style and current lifestyle. We'll sort through your existing pieces, identify what works and what doesn't, then craft a shopping list to fill any gaps. Get ready to open the door to a wardrobe that sparks joy and empowers you every day!

Pricing upon inquiry only.

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