The leopard edit

A balance of boldness and feminine mystique

Black Friday week

Get your favorite items with special offers until 28th November

Dressed to the nines

It’s the season of joy, sparkle and buzzing nightlife. Get dressed up with the best wardrobe pieces and enjoy the night

Colorful stones

A touch of minerals in vibrant colors. Add a splash of color and a bold highlight to your outfit

Galerie Mode is a shoppable fashion blog featuring helpful styling tips combined with a shopping platform, and a retail space in Ho Chi Minh City.

We offer curated designs that bring modern beauty and are based on classic dress codes that you want to collect and keep in your closet to paint your own color.

Shop modern classics for your winter holiday!

An artful space of Softness and Optimism

Time is eternal - Galerie Mode grand opening

Athleisure Style Lab

Tag #StyledbyGalerieMode on social media for a chance to be featured on our pages and receive a surprise gift from us

Our designs boast a distinctive blend of modern aesthetics and classic dress codes that resonate with customers, who are keen on collecting and incorporating them into their wardrobe to add a personalized touch.

​​A sustainable design is something that transcends trends, something you can wear on different occasions and cherish forever.

Galerie Mode celebrates sustainable fashion and individual style, offering a platform to embrace both. We select items from brands that we believe 100% in their value, design philosophy and sustainable values.

​​From casual to formal wear, our clothing is made with eco-friendly materials that are built to last. We make life easier for the fashion enthusiasts with 4 style themes: Daily, Athleisure, Business and Resort wear.

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