To Mimi Minh Nguyen, understanding the basic codes of design was paramount in her pursuit of creativity and innovation. She delved into the principles that govern color schemes, texture selection, garment construction, and silhouettes. These codes served as the foundations on which she built my creations and curation, enabling her to interpret and adapt existing trends while infusing them with her own artistic flair.

Over time, both her minimalist approach and fashion studies have transformed her view on fashion, dressing and shopping. She only adds more pieces to her wardrobe if they are truly exceptional in terms of craftsmanship, style and designer's stories. By having wardrobe building blocks from some classic and unique pieces, she enjoys having endless options of outfits with a minimal wardrobe and continuing to elevate them each season with the same principles of curation.

Experiencing first hand how great a difference this approach to style has helped her, Mimi Minh Nguyen wanted to share that with others. Therefore Galerie Mode was born.


Galerie Mode’s designs are chosen to embody modern aesthetics combined with classic dressing principles, appealing to those who aim to curate unique, handcrafted pieces that can be seamlessly incorporated into their wardrobe.

We curate and work with brands to bring audiences modern classic designs as well as many creative ways to style them.


Discover our four style themes at Galerie Mode: Daily, Athleisure, Business and Resort wear

Daily wear

Our collection of daily wear features clothing, hats, handbags, shoes and accessories that are comfortable, easy to wear, and can be paired together for a polished look each day.

Effortlessly elegant and light, the daily wear collection is a perfect harmony between seasonality and timeless wearability.

Resort wear

Our resort wear collection includes clothing, hats, handbags, shoes and accessories that are perfect for beach getaways, providing sophistication and ease.

The assortment of resort wear options provides a range of silhouettes, fabrics, colours and styles, perfect for vacationing or partying.


Our selection of business wear includes clothing, hats, handbags, shoes and accessories appropriate for an office setting or formal occasions.

Clean and sophisticated, the business wear collection features tailored cuts, carefully chosen fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail that exudes refinement while providing a sense of individuality.


The athleisure collection balances practicality with trendsetting styles, featuring bucket hats, baseball caps, oversized totes, clothing and accessories with minimalistic cuts and lightweight materials that allow comfort to take precedence over all activities.

Evening wear 

Our selection of business wear includes clothing, hats, handbags, shoes and accessories appropriate for an office setting or formal occasions.

With minimal embellishments and a focus on quality craftsmanship, these pieces seamlessly transition from evening events to chic dinners.


Sustainable design means clothing suitable for multiple occasions, mixed and matched, enduring trendiness and loved deeply in your closet.

Bringing fashion inspiration and a positive shopping experience, Galerie Mode collaborates with brands that share our values of sustainability and design philosophy.

With a focus on providing new fashion experiences, Galerie Mode curates the brands featured each week based on style themes, including: 

Slow Dance
 The brand merges everyday attire with sportswear, producing vibrant colours exuding creativity and youthfulness. The form-fitting, adaptable designs of the Slow Dance collection provide comfort and flexibility for daily activities.

 Advocating for a dynamic lifestyle accentuated with flexibility and movement, Gosker combines form and function, producing designs that are bold and adaptable, making them suitable for wearing to any setting. Each product is a fusion of the brand’s emphasis on flexibility and style, like a blank canvas on which the wearer can build a variety of looks.

Leinné Little Treasures

 As Leinné’s specialty jewelry brand, we present Leinné Little Treasures. With a philosophy of “sensually beautiful” designs, the brand offers trendy earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and eyewear and face mask chains.


Taking inspiration from adventure to new regions, Leinné’s designs signify cultural harmony and bring a connection to natural senses. The distinctiveness of Leinné is evident in their Raffia hats and bag designs, which use an exclusive technique that preserves the softness, airiness, pliability, and elasticity of each strand. As a result, every design made from Raffia material is washable, flat-ironed and reshaped.

The brands featured at Galerie Mode embody modern aesthetics while simultaneously drawing inspiration from classic wearables, creating an elegant and distinct flair.


Blending classic and contemporary, exuding a refined and delicate feel, Galerie Mode is a destination for the arts & beauty lovers, those curious minds on a quest for something unique and meaningful

In the store, the arts, accessories and garments are presented in a collective manner, just as they would be in your home.

Art by sound

Quietness and gentle music calm the soul, letting emotions settle and allowing us to sense everything around us through all our senses: admiring artworks, listening to soft, melodious tunes, and smelling the fragrances of plants.

Harmony of Light

Galerie Mode’s lighting is designed by Leinné’s creative director and co-founder to achieve balance, using natural sunlight to complement the multiple layers of lamps and create harmonious transitions between day and night. An exquisitely serene ambiance is crafted, reflecting the values of Leinné and Galerie Mode: creativity from the senses, emotions, nature, and sustainability.

The handwritten quote, “Art means different things to different people,” displays Galerie Mode’s star emblem on the glass door, representing the belief that art is personal, individual and distinctive. There is no given rule for art. Art can be a painting, a pair of shoes, a bag, a hat, or a fashion item that makes you feel confident and unique. Galerie Mode encourages you to “Find your own art” and discover the meaning of art for yourself. In addition to handmade fashion pieces by Leinné, we present Leinné Little Treasures jewelry, Gosker activewear, vibrant colours from Slow Dance, and art pieces to suit your home.


We believe getting dressed should be effortless, inspiring, and endlessly stylish. Our subscription package is your one-stop shop for curated style, delivered to your door each month.

Built upon Galerie Mode's signature style themes, this subscription plans serve as a personal stylist, offering designs that are both modern beauty and based on classic dress codes, offering designs that balance classic and modern, suitable for many occasions, saving you from having to thinking too much about what to wear while maintaining your confident image.


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