Galerie Mode provides a curated lifestyle experience.

 We're a vibrant hub of creativity that seamlessly blends three worlds: concept store, shoppable fashion blog, and creative production agency. 

We're passionate about connecting you with modern classics that spark joy and ignite your creativity, whether you’re a fashion lover looking for something to wear and curate, or a brand looking for creative solutions that adds permanent values.


Galerie Mode offers the new definition of sustainable shopping where the wearer would love to collect the items and keep in the closet to mix and match to their own style.

Here you can find inspirations to mix 1 item to create multiple looks, and tips to elevate a basic outfit. With 4 themes: Daily wear, Business, Athleisure & Resort wear, the clothing and accessories selected are mixed and matched to create different looks that suit the modern, dynamic lifestyle of the wearer. 

The brands featured at Galerie Mode embody modern aesthetics while simultaneously drawing inspiration from classic wearables, making an elegant and distinct flair. We select items and come up with ideas to introduce to our clients from brands that we believe 100% in their value, design philosophy and sustainable values.

Galerie Mode space & blog is a lifestyle destination for the modern classic lovers.


We help bring forward your unique brand story on social media.

With our content-creation know-how, we produce beautiful lifestyle images and UGC reels that communicate your brand identity.

Let the Galerie Mode Creative team help take your social media platforms to the next level.

Entrepreneur, creative director, photographer, artist, traveler and model on occasion, Mimi Minh Nguyen is passionate by modern-meet-classic style and uncommon beauty of artisanal fashion creations.

For a decade studying and working across the entire spectrum of fashion from design, PR, sales and consultancy, she is well-versed in how choosing exceptional accessories that elevate an outfit and finding a particular style to express oneself.

For Mimi Minh Nguyen, a piece of clothing or accessories is more than a product, but an expression, chosen for their exceptional craftsmanship and style sensibility.


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