Beach wear essentials: Items you need to spice up your summer looks

Sweet summertime is officially here, and a beach excursion is definitely something to look forward to. Naturally, a beach outfit can be as straightforward as a swimsuit and sandals, but beach wear can be much more than that. Here are some style essentials you shouldn't hit the sand without.

An extravagant hat

Nothing screams summer like an extravagant wide brim hat. Let your inner artist free flow with Leinné wide brim raffia hats, which strikes the perfect balance between spontaneous and structured. These artisanal artworks are perfect for lounging at a resort or roaming the beach.

A lovely mini bag

A cute mini bag can be the perfect finishing to your summer outfits. You can try Leinné Bucket Cabas bag - a round bag with French cabas handle, which earns love for its versatile and effortless nature. Or consider Sandra bag, a hand bag with defined shape and raffia weaving details.

A summer dress

The best summer dress can be dressed up for party looks, or underpinned with simple flats for casual. Pay attention to the fabirc - you would want lightweight, breathable and durable ones like linen. You can opt for a linen long sleeve dress, paired with a belt and wide brim hat for accentuation. For the dare-devils, a side-slit long linen dress is a good choice to make you stand out while giving comfort. 

A stripe matching set

Stripes are still on-trend and aren't going anywhere. These matching sets from Leinné, with vibrant colors like pink and blue, gives you the biggest summer vibes. The lightweight, breathable, and anti-UV bamboo cotton they're made from is the cherry on top.

Classic pearl jewellery

There’s no need to leave your favorite jewellery at home during beach vacation. Simple pearl adornments, thanks to their timeless shape, can adapt limitlessly to any outfit, be it a linen dress or your favorite bikinis. Make sure to take your jewelry off before diving into a chlorine pool or ocean water. 

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