Ways to style visor hats

No longer belonging to the court only, visor hats can go with you wherever you go. As fashion-forward as it is versatile, putting on a visor hat is one of the fastest way to give your look a cherry on top. Let's have a look at different ways to style this wardrobe essential, whether for sport, leisure or work.

Playful sportive

Playful, feminine and sportive in one look. Combine a raffia visor hat with a navy cotton t-shirt and striped shorts for an easy feel. Put on a pair of hearts dangling earrings that is as lovely as it is statement-making. 


It's possible (and très chic!) to wear a visor hat to the office without feeling incredibly extra. Go with a minimal bodysuit - a perfect piece to make you look neat and put-together. Top your look with a raffia visor hat, coming with rings for extra edge. Complete everything with a chic bucket bag a pearl earrings.

Black on black

Black and visor hat is a foolproof way to pull off an athleisure look. As an alternative to the original visor hat, one with a tie is fun to try, plus it can support keeping your hair in place. Go with a black bodysuit and a matching black crew shorts, accessorized with a striped bag, and you're off to go.

Cozy and relaxed

A visor hat and a sweatshirt is a cool and relaxed combination for casual wear. This visor hat from Leinné is designed with metal rings and made from black raffia, adding an edge to your look. Acessorize your ensemble with an eyeglass strap.

Romantic summer

Summer is made for visor hats, especially ones in natural materials. Go for a minimal visor hat with your favorite floral shirt and shorts. Bring a lovely rounded bucket bag from raffia, and that's all you need for a romantic, chic summer look.

Urban lady

Simple yet complementing, a visor hat in black raffia gives an instant note of that neat, professional feel to your look. It can work wonders with a black bucket linen bag that belongs to any urban lady's capsule. Put on your black ensemble and finish off with a pair of heels.

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