Tips to elevate your shirt outfits

No wardrobe would be complete without a shirt. We all have that one favorite shirt that's been with us through thick and thin, and it's time to add some visual variety. Let's look at some simple tips for turning this wardrobe staple into a seriously chic ensemble.

Add layers

Layering allows for creative dressing at its best. Plus, with a simple addition you can create a completely different outfit. When an outfit feels too bare, a third layer makes it look more connected and adds more dimension.

Take this as an example. Given one cropped shirt, we can simple throw it on, or throw it over a white top and pair with navy shorts. You can wear your favorite shirt outside a tank top, a slip dress, a bodysuit, a camisole - the possibilities are endless.

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Balance your outfits

Combining casual and elevated items in one look is a surprisingly simple way to make your shirt ensemble look more interesting. Some ideas to try is swapping sneakers for heels, casual cap for elevated hats, or simple accessories for sophisticated pearl jewelry. You'll be surprised by how some small but on-point change can make so much difference.

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Add a statement accessory

Whether you choose a necklace or a bold pair of earrings, it’s sure to bring your outfit up a notch. For summer, you can try stacking colorful necklaces and top everything with a fedora hat. 

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Go for unconventional shirts

Shirts come in so many more silhouttes than just its classic. This shirt from Leinné is distinguished by a long tie attached to the collar that can be styled in multiple ways. Owning just one piece and you can have endless styling options to choose from.

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Repeat elements

Repeating the same color, pattern, or material with at least two items makes your overall fit look intentional. Here you can see both the shirt and the skirt is purple silk, and the whole outfit is elevated in an instant. 

If a matching set isn't your cup of tea, you can surely try matching different tones of the same color, or different colors of the same materials to create harmony and balance.

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