Styling belts for work

Putting on a belt is one of the easiest ways to elevate a look. When styled in the right way, a belt not only gives structure to your outfit but also breathes a new energy to classic items. Let's have a look at how to style belts for work, as well as our picks of the best belts to choose.

Belt a dress

Belting a dress is as empowering as it is simple - simply by putting the belt on your waist, your overall look is more defined and elevated. This belt from Leinné features a square buckle and crisscross braid pattern that gives your outfit an elegantly neat impression.

Dresses with a straight shape and a swing shape, such as this linen dress from Gastiel x Leinné, is ideal for belting. The belt is proportionate to the size of the dress, giving you an easy chic office look.


Skinny belt with skirt

Humble but definitely powerful, a thin belt can breathe new life into those familiar pieces of your wardrobe. Its minimal form can complement a lot of outfits in your wardrobe.

This belt from Leinné is 18 mm in width, with a chess pattern and square buckle. It invigorates a minimalist outfit of white sleeveless shirt and black midi slit skirt, perfect for a minimal chic outfit to formal meetings.


Matching belt with hat

Matching pieces of your look is a simple and fool-proof way to look put-together, especially in formal settings.

Take this look as an example. The belt and the hat, both made from raffia, makes a simple combo of black and white way more interesting. The natural appeal of raffia easily blends with a minimal outfit choice and brings a distinct charm.

A statement belt

Office look does not mean you have to play it safe - express yourself with a statement belt. Not only it is re-emerging as trends on runways, statement belts is the best to revamp your wardrobe.

Maryam belt from Leinné features fabric band and a large circle buckle made from raffia. It comes in 2 colors for different styling: black for a full-black outfit, and grey for fall-winter look with wool sweater.

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