How to style matching sets

If you’re looking for an easy outfit formula, go no further than a matching set. Not only are matching sets always on trend, they’re also simple, slimming, and make for an incredibly put-together look that takes minimal effort.

We’ve rounded up a few styling tips below, and some examples to help spark some inspiration to nail matching sets!

Play with Proportions

Proportion refers to the relationship between different elements of an outfit, such as the length of a top compared to the length of a bottom. Balancing these elements is crucial to create a harmonious and visually pleasing look.

Pair an oversized top with a fitted bottom, or vice versa, for a dynamic look. Think flowy blouse with sleek trousers, or a cropped sweater with a maxi skirt. In this example, tucking the shirt into the midi skirt defines the proportions.

Mixing textures

Don't let your set become a single note in the fashion symphony. Introduce contrasting textures to add depth and dimension. Think silk meets raffia, linen meets raw canvas, or cotton meets leather – the possibilities are endless!

Accessorize with Intention

Let the set be the star of the show! Keep your accessories minimal and polished. Delicate jewelry, a statement belt, or a pop of color in your bag can add the perfect finishing touch without detracting from the coordinated magic. Avoid over-accessorizing, which can make the look too busy and lose its effortless charm.

Footwear Mix

Sandals, pumps, or statement boots can instantly dress up a casual set. For a laid-back vibe, choose sneakers or flats in a complementary color.

Gabriel Candy set with Beach slides

Gabriel Candy set with Sasha kitten heels

Style It Separately

The beauty of a matching set is its versatility. Wear the pieces individually with other items in your wardrobe. The top can become a statement piece with jeans, while the bottoms can pair with a graphic tee for a casual cool look.

Gabriel Candy set

Gabriel Candy shorts with Mongibello shirt

Gabriel Candy shirt with tennis skirt

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