5 ways to style shorts

Shorts are the ultimate style quotient in summer. With shorts, every look and style is achievable, from athleticwear to streetwear. In case you're looking for some cool ways to style the everlasting wardrobe staple, we have some recommendations on how to really step them up.

Go for a two-piece matching set

One of the best part about a matching set, or co-ords, is that it gives you a ready-made outfit that always looks stylish. And nothing is more classic than stripes. A striped pyjama set with shirt and shorts give you extra comfort without compromising style. You can just throw on a set for loungewear, or wear a white tank top inside for casual street wear.

The biker shorts

if you're looking for an easy bottom layer to slip on during the summer, biker shorts are a go-to. They're stretchy, form-fitting, and can go with literally anything. You can juxtapose sporty bike shorts with an oversized top, or opt for a bra top to spice up this staple.

Try silk shorts

Denim or cotton shorts are undoubtedly refreshing and youthful, but it is always fun to add some variety to your everyday outfit. Silk shorts give you that flowy, elegant feel while being super comfy. While you're at it, try some colors like smoky purple. You can pair it with a matching shirt or kimono-inspired top to look chic and romantic.

Experiment with colors

Since it's summer, don't be afraid to try on vibrant hues. A colorful piece of clothing has magical uplifting powers. Pair vibrant yellow shorts with deep green sweatshirt, finishing with a light green striped tote bag, and you complete a look as cheerful as it is chic.

Match with corset tops

Amp up your shorts outfit effortlessly with corset tops. Whether it's a corset tank top or a busty dress shirt, a corset-style top gives a little flare to your outfit thanks to its flattering structure. Don't forget to top with a hat and throw on some jewellery.

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