5 ways to style caps

Caps not only help you feel comfortable and protect your face from the sun, but also an ultimate fashion statement. Here we suggest 5 stylish hat combinations for different occasions and styles.

For a sportive street wear

You can't go wrong with a combo of a cap, a shirt and shorts for hanging out with friends or walking around the town. A visor hat made black raffia is an interesting highlight that elevates a a seemingly simple combo. Not to mention this outfit makes you look much more refreshing.

For a day to work

A visor hat can perfectly sneak into workwear. By pairing a minimalist hat made from natural materials with a classic white shirt and white trousers, you can pull off a elegant on-duty look. Don't forget to accessorize with delicate pearl earrings and an interesting asymmetrical handbag.

For a lovely event

For those who prefer a feminine chic style, this is something to try on. The boldness of the visor hat from black raffia when combined with the romantic vibe of a smoky purple silk shirt creates an interesting contrast.

For a casual chic look

A corset shirt and black trousers are a somewhat serious combo, but you can still bring a more sporty inspiration by pairing with a visor hat and sneakers. Don't forget to add accents with a unique handbag and a sparkling glasses strap, and you've got yourself a simple, neat look that's just as impressive.

For an active day

During outdoor activities, a cap is an indispensable item, along with items such as shirts made from absorbent materials such as cotton and bamboo and a sturdy canvas bag. Besides cotton, raffia is also an ideal choice of materials thanks to its UV protection, heat absorption, durability and toughness. Crafted with Leinné's special technique, the raffia hat preserves the elasticity in each stand, is rain-resistant and ironable.

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