1 pyjama, 3 ways to wear

No need to put so much thought in how to pull off a pyjama set. These items can be easily incorporated in multiple styles. They not only bring a fresh, delightful look but also deliver comfort for you to enjoy a long day. Here are 3 different ways to put on the same pajamas.


Somewhere between romantic and refreshing. You can combine short-sleeved striped PJ shirt with a tank top and pajama shorts. Top the look with Audrey fedora hat to add a masculine element, along with of sophistication from the hand-crafted pleats. Paired with a playful square backpack, and you've nailed an energetic look for a weekend getaway.

Casual chic

The combination of a striped pajama shirt and light-colored jean shorts makes an comfortable and chic outfit. To stay neat while wearing pyjama, make sure you choose one that is made from wrinkle-free fabric and the size is fit. Leinné's Gabriel shirt is made of bamboo cotton with outstanding attributes: good absorption, anti-wrinkle, smooth to the touch - qualities that help elevate your daily style.

Playful chic

A striped pyjama shirt offers endless styling possibilities for coffee dates. Bamboo cotton material with many outstanding properties, combined with comfortable design and minimalist plaid pattern make Gabriel shirt an ideal choice for ladies. Add a delightful note by pairing with Lu bucket hat with and a unique box-shaped bag, finish with asymmetrical earrings for a unique highlight.

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