How to tap into your feminine and masculine energy

Feminine energy

Feminine energy is the energy that involves softness, intuition, nurturing, compassion, and receptivity. Feminine energy is not about being weak or submissive. It is about finding balance and harmony within oneself, being flowing, dynamic, and in tune with your emotions.

Here are ways to tap into your feminine energy:
Spend time in nature
Take time for self-care
Listen to your intuition. Trust
Create something

Masculine energy

The quality of masculine energy is action, competitiveness, rationality, structure, motivation, stability, and independence. This energy represents taking charge, and doing rather than being.

Here are ways to tap into your masculine energy:
Take risks with confidence
Set boundaries
Take control of your life
Commit to a daily practice

Feminine energy teaches us to feel deeply and lean into our intuition. Masculine energy, on the other hand, teaches us to think critically and take action to achieve our goals. It’s important to find the balance of these energies within yourself.

Balancing feminine and masculine energy in fashion

Fashion is a great way to tap into and balance our energies. Regardless of our gender, we all possess a feminine and masculine side. It's about energy, not sex or gender roles. Style has no gender—it's all about expressing your personality and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Feminine style tends to emphasize elegance, sophistication, and a sense of charm, while a masculine style gives off an edgy, casual and rugged vibe. By mixing these elements in your outfits, you can create a unique, expressive look that displays multiple facets of your sense of fashion.

Take fashion icon Coco Chanel as an example. Chanel’s silhouettes were fluid and androgynous. Growing up in a time when women were expected to wear confining pieces, she made a revolution with clothes that were as fashionable as they were comfortable, drawing inspiration from menswear and practical necessity. Some of her style innovations include nautical stripes, trousers, and chunky knit sweaters.

A Karl Lagerfeld sketch–his homage to the “Ford dress"

When it comes to hitting the right balance of feminine and masculine style, start with what you already have. Classic masculine items include a structured blazer, straight-leg pants, or a dress shirt. These serve as a solid base for your outfit. Then, choose a feminine wardrobe staple such as a silk midi skirt, kitten heels, or a bodycon top. Don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry and play with colors.

Here are some ideas from Galerie Mode.

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