Galerie Mode creative director shares her 8 favorite items

29 years old, born in Ho Chi Minh City, Mimi Minh studied high school in London and 4 years of fashion design in Paris. After doing brand identity work in France, Mimi returned home to fulfill her dream of creating the sustainable fashion brand Leinné.

Currently, she's running the shop-able fashion blog Galerie Mode, introducing modern-classic designs and aiming for meaningful shopping through reels and blogs in 4 style themes: Daily, Business, Athleisure and Resort.

Discover her daily essential items that makes her day easier and nurtures her creative energy.

A hat

I love how hats frame a face and enhance the facial features. Hats come in a variety of designs that suit every occasion, and are truly the epitome of travel. Somehow there's a safe and protected feeling that comes with wearing a hat in a strange land.

amaï ceramic plate

The uneven edges of these plates give me a lot of inspiration. With gold trim and glossy enamel, this design balances the bucolic beauty and fine craftsmanship. They are perfect for the jewelry corner at Galerie Mode store and do a wonderful job in showcasing our bijoux with unique aesthetic.

Leinné Bucket Cabas bag

I love round bucket bags for their delightful look. The Cabas bags from Leinné, which come in different materials, earn a special spot in my heart. The raffia bag gives out summer vibes, the silk version brings a soft feel to the touch, while the linen design is fresh and crisp.

Tea-colored vase

It's something I chose from a store in Le Bon Marché and was gifted by one of my friends. I love its classic, timeless appeal, and the way it goes with any flower.

Swan chair

Designed by Ann Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, this chair is an iconic design. Its daring curves and leather makes an architectural appeal. A touch of balance and a classic piece of art for the home.

A carry-all canvas tote bag

I have my carry-all tote bag which contains literally everything: laptop, notebooks, fabric samples, color pencils, chargers, etc. A tote bag with ample space, organizational features, and compartments for functionality can truly enhance your life. 
This Gosker bag is my go-to item. It’s thoughtfully designed inside out, with a special cream lining and a sturdy corded handle. I love that the lining is perfectly ironed to create a smooth surface, it also makes the bag much more durable. I have this bag with me to work, to vacations, to the gym, literally everywhere my life takes me to.

Nude lipstick & brow brush

I always go for natural tones and have been loyal to this Estee Lauder 203. I can mix different tones on this base. Lipstick and brow brush is a must-have in my bag because that’s all it takes for a busy day: 2 minutes of makeup.

Low kitten heels

I like kitten heels because of their practicality. A steady, lovely shoe that I can always run with when in a hurry. I like shoes with a little heel to flatter the figure and make my legs look longer.

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