An artful space of Softness and Optimism

On October 20th, Leinné brand successfully held the Softness Optimism event. In the artisanal, delicately designed space, Galerie Mode brought the concept to life.


With the theme “Softness Optimism”, Leinné has many things to share about strength in softness. Counterintuitive as it is, to speed up sometimes we have to slow down, to achieve sometimes we have to let go, to be authentic we just listen to our inner voice, to communicate to a wider audience we talk to our close friends for ideas and for sharing the love. It is always about taking time, returning to the source, soul alignment, to the creative language of the universe that comes from love and gratitude.

In this collection, the brand aimed to deliver a symphony of delicate silk, rustic raffia, pearls and precious stones, brought to life by the marriage of contemporary appeal and traditional Vietnamese silhouettes.


Channeling the “Softness Optimism” spirit, the space is set up using a soft color palette, flowers, silk decoration and warm lighting. From decorative details to designs, the mood is carefully maintained throughout the show.

3 main display areas include:

  • Large flower installation: A large bouquet featuring paper flowers in yellow and purple is used to create a bright, bucolic romantic beauty.
  • Evening jewelry and accessories display: From raffia fascinator to extravagant pearl jewelries and headwear, evening accessories are delicately arranged in an elegant manner, adorned with visual artworks.
  • Clothing collection: Newly launched clothes from Leinné, Gosker and Slow Dance are showcased in accordance to a soft color scheme: sky blue, exotic pink, smoky purple, white, cream and beige. A silk picture frame is hung on the wall next to them, making a subtle background.

Live sketching as part of the presentation


Held on Vietnamese Women’s Day, one of the main purposes is to celebrate the female friends of the brand. We spared time and space for personal connections and for the guests to listen to the story behind the collection. The guests were welcomed to try on the designs, giving them an authentic experience.

Miss Vietnam 2008 Thuỳ Dung in Gaia dress

The guests in the event

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