Our vision is to create a space that celebrates unique artistry. We meticulously select these objects, ensuring they're both timeless and one-of-a-kind. 

That’s why we are proud to present our curation that reflects the spirit of Nouveau Realism, an art movement that challenged convention and redefined our perception of the everyday. We believe art can be found in everyday life and objects, and in return, these ordinary things can be transformed into the extraordinary.

What is Nouveau Realism?

Nouveau Realism is an art movement that was founded in the 60s by the art critic Pierre Restany and the painter Yves Klein during a group exhibition in Milan. Unlike abstract art that dominated the scene earlier, Nouveau Réalisme incorporated everyday objects like trash, advertisements, and even machinery into their works. This was seen as a way to connect with the social and urban reality of the post-war era.

Collage, assemblage, and incorporating found objects were common techniques. Some artists even drew inspiration from Marcel Duchamp's concept of "readymades," where ordinary objects were elevated to the status of art.

Nouveau Realism at Galerie Mode

Yves Klein blue

With ideas rooted from our founder and creative director Mimi Minh Minh Nguyen's graduation from fashion design school in Paris in 2016, colors were definitely a part of the message that fashion designers wanted to deliver.

Yves Klein blue is a deep, vibrant blue hue  developed by the French artist Yves Klein in collaboration with a Parisian art paint supplier Edouard Adam. It's so distinct that Klein even trademarked it in 1957 and named it International Klein Blue or IKB.

Klein didn't just use any blue paint, he worked with a chemist to create a special pigment made from pure, dry ultramarine pigment suspended in a clear synthetic resin and other solvents. This special mixture allowed the pigment to retain its original vividness, resulting in the extraordinarily bright and intense blue we see in his paintings.

Yves Klein. Untitled Blue Monochrome, (IKB 322), 1959

Klein Blue is part of Galerie Mode brand identity. Its boldness and intensity resonate with Galerie Mode's stated mission to be a vibrant hub of creativity and visually represent the spark of inspiration and unique perspective Galerie Mode offers customers. Klein Blue's association with modern art aligns with Galerie Mode's focus on "modern classics”, adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to our brand image. The Klein blue star logo in front of the store is inspired by Henri Matisse raw paper cuts, drawn on paper and hand-cut from metal.

Star logos in Klein blue on our shop front

Klein box offered with Galerie Mode subscription

Yves lapis lazuli pearl necklace

Sedna jacket, an inspiration from Daniel Spoerri

Besides its brand identity, Galerie Mode curates fashion pieces that reflect the Nouveau Realism movement.

Daniel Spoerri, a major artist of the movement, inspired the creation of the Sedna jacket by Leinné. Presented at Galerie Mode, the jacket is a deconstructed yet elegant representation of a lavish banquet, all on a deep mauve colored base fabric. The “golden plate”, a round pocket crafted in golden velvet, is influenced by Spoerri’s snare-pictures. It’s a covetable statement maker that serves your modern wardrobe.

Daniel Spoerri. Snare Picture, 1960

Arts at Galerie Mode

The artwork curated at Galerie Mode features contemporary pieces that echo the movement's spirit. The paintings juxtapose with garments that play with textures and materials, sparking a conversation about how clothing itself can be a form of artistic expression.

Tropical Plants, 3D presentation on canvas

This artwork, a unique blend of 3D paper manipulation and traditional canvas, invites you to explore the lush beauty of tropical plants. Each meticulously crafted leaf, petal, and stem is brought to life through the artist's skilled use of paper and brush. Layered and meticulously shaped, these paper elements transcend their flat origins, creating a captivating illusion of depth and dimension on the canvas.

Golden Nocturn, Acrylic on canvas

The artist's brushstrokes dance across the canvas, capturing the essence of a night illuminated by moonlight. The painting invites you to gaze upwards and experience the magic of a sky bathed in liquid gold.

Tangerine Sky, Silk

Crafted from pure silk, the artwork shimmers with a natural glow, where the sky is ablaze with a vibrant orange hue. The artist captures the essence of a tangerine sunset, a celestial spectacle where the sun dips below the horizon, igniting the atmosphere in a fiery display.

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