We envision a space where exquisite jewelry complements the vibrant energy of a spring garden, creating a harmonious atmosphere for a captivating presentation. 


Inspired by nature, the Harmony collection celebrates the sensual blend of colors and natural materials. The center of the collection is classic baroque pearls, artistically amalgamated feminine morganite gemstones possessing a peachy-pink to light blue hue inspired by the transition of the sky from day to night, and playful placement of small details on gold-plated delicate silver chains

The event concept, inspired by “Spring Garden,” signifies the touchpoints that the Harmony jewelry creates. We laid the foundation for the presentation to embody the harmony of colors and natural elements, beautifully intertwining the balance and unity of jewelry designs with the blossoming energy of springtime.


The goal was to create a peaceful and uplifting ambiance, where delicate florals and calming colors fostered tranquility, while pops of vibrant hues added a touch of playful energy to the delicate jewelry.

Soft greens, blush pinks, and whites served as the foundation of the color palette, creating a sense of serenity. The Spring Garden concept is maintained across the space, from floral and fruits arrangements in natural raffia baskets to warm lighting and pastel refreshments, reflecting harmony in every sense.


Creating an immersive experience was paramount to our vision. The presentation aimed to create a sense of discovery and intrigue, drawing guests into a world of exquisite beauty. We turn our venue into a warm and inviting space where every guest is thoughtfully taken care of. Seating arrangements were carefully planned, with small groupings encouraging conversation and interaction.

Guests were treated to a captivating display of necklaces featuring intricately woven pearl strands adorned with morganite star-shaped pendants. Delicate turquoise stones and mother of pearls shimmered with an ethereal glow, translating the beauty of spring into wearable art.

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