Galerie Mode grand opening - "Time is Eternal"

The journey of Galerie Mode has just witnessed a new milestone with the grand opening, themed "Time is Eternal". The event's name was inspired by Henri Van Dyke's quote: "For those in love, time is eternity". In a cozy, modern and aesthetic space with sustainable handcrafted designs, Galerie Mode welcomes the company of Caudalie, The Cocoa Project, Cake Away, F&B projects of young Saigonese and our beloved friends.

Galerie Mode lifestyle concept store is home to a wide range of designs catering to art and beauty lovers, curious minds on a quest for something unique and meaningful. This space showcases Leinné signature raffia hats, bags and Leinné Little Treasures pearl accessories, in company with curated personal experiences.

A thoughtful, modern and poetic curation of artisanal creations

Galerie Mode consists of 4 display spaces:

  • Heritage: Premium artisanal raffia hats and bags that can be spot-cleaned, ironed and shaped. Raw raffia are intricately processed to become high-class, aesthetic and sustainable designs, reflecting the quintessence of expertise.
  • Modern: Hats and bag from finely sourced fabrics such as silk, velvet, wool, upcycled fabrics,... These designs come in youthful colors and preserve the original beauty of the their materials and silhouettes.
  • Iconic bags: Artisanal bags whose unique shapes being their highlight. These bags offer unmatched beauty: from scalloped, semi-circular bags to bags that simulate the slice of an avocado, and many more refreshingly original creations.
  • Party: Accessories for parties and formal events. You can find small handbags or shoulder bags, pearl jewelry or delicate hair accessories to accentuate your party outfit.

Nam Phuong Dinh (in red dress)

Le Van Anh

Mimi Minh Nguyễn (center), Creative Director of Galerie Mode

The fusion of classic and modern

Founded and curated by Mimi-Minh Nguyen, a Vietnam-born, Paris-raised entrepreneur, Galerie Mode features a contemporary interior design that fuses European architecture with traditional Vietnamese. Visitors are welcomed with a comforting ambience for an experience that nurtures the senses.

It's visible that the Galerie Mode team is dedicated to personalizing every experience and puts exquisite care in every little detail to help customers find their favorite design that fits their lifestyle. Not only taking care of every detail in the store, Mimi Minh Nguyen raises sustainability standards from production and retail to working conditions of the team and after-sales, with the desire to accompany customers. and communities in their journey towards sustainability. The blend of sustainable high-end designs that connect the senses, along with a classy space, provides an unforgettable experience.

“In an ever-changing world, people are always looking for sensitive designs, those that are created not only to catch up with a trend but also to resonate with them on a profound level through the connection between designs and their story."

Mimi Minh Nguyen

In this event, Artisanal Fashion Company also presented its new wash bag exclusively produced for the event. Designed in plain black, the wash bag is decorated with an embroidered shooting star, the icon that reflects the playful aspect of Galerie Mode. The bag is handmade from 100% cotton canvas, the inner lining is made from water-resistant cotton fabric, the handle is imprinted with Artisanal Fashion Co.. It can store travel-size toiletries or can be worn as a weekend handbag.

Minh Nguyen also pays tribute to local independent brands and artists. The space of Galerie Mode is adorned with paintings by artist Nguyen Ngoc Liem. She also chooses local brands for the furniture and decorations in the store.

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