Helly Jade mask chain/eyeglasses strap
Helly Jade mask chain/eyeglasses strap
Helly Jade mask chain/eyeglasses strap
Helly Jade mask chain/eyeglasses strap

Helly Jade mask chain/eyeglasses strap

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Made from round green jades that bring energy and serenity, combined with polished shell beads and pale pink crystal, the Helly mask chain was designed with Leinné as a small accessory for everyday wear. It contains childhood memories of vintage jade jewellery and the energy of inner tranquility. The shining chain from jade, crystal and shell beads, in addition to wearing as a mask chain that helps you hold the mask, when turned around, it can also be worn as a necklace.


Origin: Vietnam
Color: Unique
Uniquely hand crafted with jade and seashells


Jade, rose crystal, seashell and 18k gold plated metal.
All Leinné straps are manufactured in accordance to a certified process to not cause skin irritation.

About the collection

On Earth Day 2022, Refinity by Leinné and Helly Tong designed a collection as a way to deliver a meaningful message to the community. This is a product line that continues the previous seasons of Refinity, and still retains the meaning of recycling and using natural ingredients.

Unique size only


Strap length 67cm

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