Gosker at Galerie Mode: Rediscovering athleisure

Gosker - a breath of fresh air in the world of activewear at Galerie Mode. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with a focus on clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Gosker prioritizes functionality and a timeless style that seamlessly transitions from the gym to weekend errands. 

Gosker athleisure pieces perfectly complement Galerie Mode modern classic philosophy, making them a perfect fit for the active individual who appreciates understated elegance.

About Gosker

Gosker is a line by Parisian creative director Mimi-Minh Nguyen and Artisanal Fashion Company that rediscovers casual and comfortable dressing for men and women, with the philosophy: “What we wear is a reflection of how we feel.⁠”

Gosker provides basics that help you do more, clothes that feel good, clothes that deliver confidence in comfort and allow for reconnection. It makes comfortable accessories and clothing that could be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Gosker promotes an active lifestyle and sportive flexibility through functional, robust and suitable designs that can be worn anywhere. Each of its pieces is a blend of versatility and style, like a blank canvas that leaves room for self invention and for the wearers to easily create multiple looks from.

To Mimi-Minh Nguyen, founder and creative director of Gosker, clothing is an unspoken language for us to tell the world about ourselves. Every brand has to be associated with a lifestyle, and for Gosker, it's responsiveness, confidence, self-connection and positive energy. “Imagine you’re walking down the street,  you see someone wearing a tote bag with the words 'I knew it could be done', and you suddenly feel a little more energized. Joy can come from such a moment,” shared Mimi-Minh Nguyen.

With such philosophy in mind, Gosker's designs are created to make the wearers feel good. The words "I knew it could be done" printed on the large tote bag, stylized lightning details on the italic G logo or a mischievous ghost pattern on the soft, airy fabric complement a versatile athleisure outfit. Gosker's basic color palette of white, cream, black or more prominent with blue, pink, and red helps the wearer to freely choose colors that suit their mood.

Making ethics a statement, Gosker creates simple but long-lasting products, which deviate from mass and momentary production, to guarantee iconic and timeless pieces: signature soft cotton bucket hats, tote bags, oversized sweatshirts, tote bags, all carefully hand-crafted at Artisanal Fashion Co., a production company pioneer in aesthetic handmade accessories with its 30-year-old atelier in Vietnam. 

These days, a brand will not succeed without starting from and aiming for a clear purpose. Mimi-Minh Nguyen shared: “The spirit of Gosker is to move forward and challenge boundaries. We always continue to strive to do better, find new ways to practice sustainable fashion holistically, and convey positive values ​​through our clothing.” As a newbie of Vietnamese athleisure fashion, Gosker promises to be a name worth looking forward to when shaping a clear style with a sustainable vision.

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