Lunar New Year is near and we are excited to prepare for photo shoots filled with spring colors. If you are looking for a place to take photos in Saigon with ao dai, let's follow Galerie Mode creative director Mimi Minh Nguyen to visit beautiful street corners in the center of Saigon for a sparkling photo set.

Nguyen Du street

Nguyen Du Street is one of the most beautiful streets in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Under rows of green tamarind trees, Nguyen Du Street has large architectural works along it such as the Independence Palace and Tao Dan Park. This tree-lined street will bring romance and freshness to your ao dai photo shoot.

Nguyen Du Street is also home to many shops with beautiful facades, suitable for you to take check-in photos with ao dai. You can try something different with Leinné's latest black ao dai design. With a comfortable, loose shape, modern cuts and soft, light linen material, the Leinné ao dai  can be combined with many accessories to create a liberal, trendy and graceful look.

Saigon Central Post Office

Among the most iconic buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention the City Post Office. With an architectural style that harmoniously combines Western modernity and Eastern classicism, the City Post Office has always been a favorite check-in point for Saigon residents and tourists from all over.

The striking yellow color and eye-catching green curved windows of the City Post Office will surely be the perfect backdrop for Tet photos with ao dai.

Alley 136 Le Thanh Ton

Located on the side of Ben Thanh market, alley 136 Le Thanh Ton is often dubbed "nail alley", as dozens of nail shops are located next to one another along the 30- meter alley. Along with that are street vendors, colorful graffiti walls and a bustling pace of life, bringing a idyllic breath and unique beauty of Saigon.

North gate of Ben Thanh market

Located on Le Thanh Tong Street, the North Gate of Ben Thanh Market stands out in the sky with countless colors from fresh flower and fruit stalls. You can buy yourself a bright flower branch to grace your ao dai and take photos against a colorful flower background. An ao dai with striking colors like red or yellow will be the perfect choice to take photos with the flower stalls at the North gate of Ben Thanh market, like Mimi Minh Nguyen in MeMan Saigon's red ao dai and Leinné's sedge hat. .

Nguyen Thiep - Dong Khoi intersection

Dong Khoi Street is a witness of the ups and downs of Saigon's 300-year history, the economic and cultural cradle of the once "Pearl of the Far East". Up to now, Dong Khoi Street still retains its elegance, luxury and bustle, with ancient features blending with modern changes.

Among them, the corner of Nguyen Thiep - Dong Khoi street is a place that attracts many tourists and locals because of its rare beauty, the intersection between ancient buildings with Western architecture and a popular, non-stop pace of life. Saigon's movements. You will definitely get extremely high-quality ao dai photos when you come to the corner of Nguyen Thiep - Dong Khoi street.

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