Extra large canvas tote bag

An active day will be more comfortable with an extra large tote bag that stores all your essentials. It is a multi-functional bag that will make your life easier without compromising your personal style. You can invest in one tote bag and use it for years thanks to its exceptional durability. This raw canvas tote bag with printed typos from Gosker is the perfect addition to your busy on the go lifestyle.


As one of the most versatile wardrobe staples, a cap fits into  any fashion style, ages and body types. Even a basic cap can also increase the coolness of an athleisure outfit and complements your personality. Caps can be combined with a classic set of shirts and shorts for casual style, or paired with a tank top and biker pants for workouts.


Bodysuits can be combined with jeans, skirts or shorts, giving you the freedom to be creative with the style you want. They define your curves and provide a seamless tucked-in so that you can style with comfort and neatness. You can choose from a minimalist tank bodysuit, or a high neck bodysuit for an extra elegance. Don't forget to add jewelry to make the look more attractive.

Biker shorts

Beyond their use in sports, biker shorts are used more as an outfit that complements not only sports outfits, but also, everyday wear. The very simple formula for beginners is to combine biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie to balance the proportions. You can also think of a sports bra, then throw a blazer over for more formal occasions.


An athleisure staple, hoodies provide temperature control, coverage and style altogether. The hoodie is as fashion-forward as it is comfortable to wear. 

When choosing a hoodies to invest, consider the materials, the fit and the color. Make sure the material is pleasant to the touch, the inner seams and the lining material do not cause skin irritation. Regarding size, avoid hoodies that are too tight. Use the color of your hoodie to accentuate your outfit.

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